Navigating the World of Garden Pests

Gardens, thriving hubs of natural beauty, aren’t exempt from the presence of pests that can potentially disrupt the harmony of flourishing plant life. A crucial aspect of effective pest [...]

Serene Sculpture Garden Tour

This 18-acre garden is full of serene ponds, expansive lawns, and beautiful sculptures. If you like water features, they’ve got a few of those too. Check out this video: For more water [...]

Creative Backyard Design Tips

Want to make your pool or backyard more luxurious? Here are some tips: Add colorful towels to your beach chairs Add bright pillows to seating Add tiki torches or other lighting like fire features [...]

Historic Japanese Garden

Savage Garden features a lot of Japanese inspired features. Check out this video to see more: Have a hardscaping idea you want to take on this summer? Contact your Maple Valley hardscaping company.

Extravagant Home Landscapes

We may not have the weather for a tropical garden in Maple Valley, but we wanted to kick this post off with some extravagant ideas. Here’s a video of a Lush & Tropical Garden: Next, we [...]

How to Transplant a Tree

Need transplant a tree to make room for a hardscaping project? Check out this video: Don’t want to do it yourself? Find a landscaping company in Maple Valley.

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